Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Another Peckham Scaff Yard

So, in September the gates changed from pink to yellow with DR Scaffolding across it. A few weeks later the entire garden (all the trees, all the plants, all the frogs, all the stag beetles, the cob oven, the irrigation.. ) was torn out and removed in several skips. Apparently the scaffolders (who have extended their storage capacity from their base on the other side of the road) needed the space for their vast trucks. I’ve heard they’re just renting it.
What to say... There’s a million rants in all this.

D walked by on halloween.. she said she could see all the spirits revelling on in there.
The extended community is doing well.. creative places popping up all the time.. gigs, art, practices, cups of tea, jams, dreams, meditation, progression..
I can still taste Spike sometimes..


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